Full Day Buggy Adventure

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  • Supplier: Safari Quads
  • Difficulty: Very easy
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Leave Reykjavík in Your Rear View Mirrors and Dive Deeper Into the Mystical Landscape – Raw Wilderness, Caving and Pristine Lakes Await

Veer off the beaten path and join us for a full day buggy adventure of adrenaline pumping action cutting through the Icelandic landscape. It’s just you and the trails (and a guide of course)! We’ll take you to the places that most of us locals like to keep secret. As long as you promise to keep these gems to yourself!

Begin in Reykjavík – Earn Your way to end in Lush Icelandic Paradise

Our team at Safari Quads have been relentless in selecting the best full day route (6-7 hours) for our guests allowing us to take you even further into our natural playground. This trip comes in response to our guest’s enthusiasm for longer trips that travel a greater distance reaching outside of the expected tourism territory, but limited to a one day. The 1 Full Day Buggy Adventure Tour is a perfect and unique opportunity to see as much raw nature as possible, both on the landscape above and below (caving included) while reveling in the roar of your buggy with your best mate riding shotgun beside you.

Conquer the Blue Mountains Above, Explore Leiðarendi Caves Below

The day will begin with a pickup in your hotel lobby by your cunning and occasionally humourous Safari Quads Guide. You’ll like him, we promise! We’ll drive you to our base camp located just 15 minutes outside of Reykjavík to begin gearing up and receive your safety briefing for the coming day of adventure! We’ll waste no time by beginning the tour by summiting Hafrafell Mountain giving you a panoramic view over Reykjavík and the Reykjanes Peninsula we’ll soon be passing through. We’ll head towards the Blue Mountains that are painted with bright green moss and white snow caps. We’ll descend down the mountains and even further into the underworld for a guided caving tour. This cave network is called Leiðarendi!

Far From Civilization, Feel and see the Power of the Volcanic Island

Travelling through the trails in the far reaches of the Reykjanes Peninsula, we’ll come across a hidden gem tucked in the interior of the rocky lava mountains. Lake Djúpavatn is a perfect stop to appreciate the immense beauty of the day. You’ll come to quickly understand how volcanically active Iceland is when we visit our next stop Krýsuvik Geothermal Area. Here there are cracks in the Earth that breathe and bubble with life. The mineral muds and high temperature water creates a stunning display of Mother Nature’s power and beauty. We’ll head through another mountainous region to arrive at our final destination, the beautiful town of Hvergerði.

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