Ice Cave Adventure

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  • Supplier: Arctic Trucks Experience
  • Location: West
  • Duration: 1 Hour0
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Price from: 155000
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We start the journey at the Arctic Trucks headquarters in Reykjavík, where the red vehicles are waiting for us.

With you behind the wheel on the 38“ inch modified Hilux self-drive cars we take the road west to Hvalfjörður bay, known for the whale industry and alsoin WW II the British occupation forces stored there fleets there before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

From Hvalfjördur we take a gravel road over the mountains and then we head to Húsafell, on the way we stop at beautiful Hraunfossar waterfalls before we grab a light lunch at Húsafell.

The ice tunnel is located in the giant and the second biggest glacier in Europe 953 sq / km Langjökull glacier. We head to the roots of Langjökull and there the guide teaches you how to drive in snow or ice conditions on the glacier. We make a stop on our way to explore the clear blue Ice cave. Once we’re inside you will experience some things like you´ve never seen and probably won’t experience again, blue ice, chapel, bridge over a huge ice crack and amazing sights that will make your visit to Iceland unforgettable. We drive almost up the glaciers highest point, with clear skies you will see almost the entire southwest coast before we head inside

On our way back to Reykjavík in the afternoon we drive through Kaldidalur (cold valley) one of the highest mountain roads in Iceland and we learn and do some Arctic Trucks driving on the way. Then we head to Þingvellir national park, home of ancient Icelandic viking parliament that is registered in UNESCO world heritage site. An indescribable nature with the biggest lake in Iceland. We hear about some amazing history and to take a little look around before we head back to Reykjavík city in the afternoon.

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