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For many seeing the Northern Lights is the motive to travel to our northern isle in winter. They’re mesmerizing, fascinating and once seen are never forgotten.

It’s easy, nothing says “Icelandic Winter” like the notion of hunting for the Aurora Borealis. Created by unexpected storms on the sun, the Northern Lights are visible in clear winter skies.

Step on board one of our new buses, equipped with WiFi enabled tablets in every single seat. On the tablet computers you’ll be able to see, listen and read expertly written and recorded content about the northern lights as well as the stars in the Arctic skies above. Available with a choice of ten languages. In each seat you can also locate a USB Charger as well as your own star map.

Our skilled operational team has decades of expertise analyzing weather patterns. We’ll regularly review the cloud forecast as well as the one for the northern lights in detail. We won’t venture out in search for them unless we believe we suspect a good chance of success. This principle has given us a high success ratio in our hunts.

Our northern lights tours are all guided by one of our specially trained northern lights expert guides, both knowledgeable and helpful and they will even give you suggestions on the best way to shoot pictures of the show. We provide free usage of camera tripods (a must to shoot northern lights pictures).

The guide will bring along astronomical binoculars for you to try. Search for the stars and astronomy signs in the skies using the supplied star map and see the space that surrounds us in a fresh new way.

When looking for the Northern Lights you will be standing outside in the cold Icelandic winter and so you have to remember to dress warm. We’re the sole operator to offer exceptionally warm “Aurora Jackets” and warm and waterproof winter boots for rent on our tours.


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