..ATV & Whale Watching

Tour details:

Operator: Safari Quads

Location: Reykjavík

Duration: 8 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Price from: ISK 28,800

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Can’t decide between a whale watching tour or a quad biking adrenaline rush? You don’t have to! Our combination tour will give you both. Where else could you experience the best of land and sea but Iceland?

Part 1: Quad Biking Beyond Reykjavík

It’s no more than 15 minutes from your Reykjavik accommodation to our quad biking base camp. That’s why we love this city! Having picked you up*, we’ll take you to the camp for gear, instructions and safety training. No experience is necessary and our expert guides will make sure you know everything you need for a safe and fun ATV adventure.

Off-Road ATV Fun in Iceland

We will drive off-road on a variety of terrains as we head for Ulfarsfell mountain. The ride to the top is a chance to experience the true thrills of quad biking. And when you get there, you’ll be rewarded by a fantastic view across the whole city, the ocean, and the surrounding mountains.

Lunch in Reykjavík Harbor

The old harbor is one of the coziest parts of town. There’s a nice selection of little restaurants and cafes, and we’re happy to make recommendations. While you refuel, you can look out across the bay and imagine the magnificent creatures that swim below the surface.

Part 2: Whale Watching Beyond Reykjavík Harbor

The boat is waiting as you head off in search of magnificent Minke whales and the other rich marine life of Faxafloi bay. A 3-hour guided sea tour provides a fascinating insight into the life of the sea, and great views back to Reykjavik. Whales are a lot harder to predict than quad bikes, so sightings are never guaranteed! Cross your fingers that Mother Nature is feeling generous!

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