Dettifoss Day Tour

Guided day tour to Dettifoss waterfall in the North from Lake Mývatn

Operator: Geo Travel

Location: North

Other: Adults (16+)

Price from: ISK 25,000

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Dettifoss super jeep day tour from lake Mývatn, north Iceland.

It is a tour you will never forget to see Dettifoss, Europe´s most powerful waterfall in winter.

This amazing 45 m high and 100 m. Wide waterfall shows you how powerful the nature can be.

From Mývatn we drive for about 1 hour to Vatnajökull national park.

If possible because of snow and road conditions we first visit Hafragilsfoss, 27 m high waterfall on the edge of Jökulsá canyon where it is 120 m deep.

From Dettifoss parking area we hike for about 2-3 km to visit Selfoss ,11 m high waterfall then Dettifoss and after we return to the jeep.

This rough landscape of basalt pillars and waterfall is like from another world.

On our way back we can stop at Mývatn Nature baths.


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