Evening Show & Backstage Visit

The only theater in Iceland featuring the Icelandic horse. An amazing show in a unique environment.

Operator: Fákasel

Location: South

Duration: 1 Hour

Difficulty: Very easy

Other: Adults (13+)

Price from: ISK 5,200

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There is something for everyone on this evening tour to the area of Hveragerði, just 40 minutes outside Reykjavík, to Icelandic Horse Park Fákasel.

Between the multimedia Horse Theater performance “Legends of Sleipnir” – which is equal parts horse exhibition and theatrical performance – the luxury restaurant and the cutting edge Icelandic design store Kron Kron, this evening tour is a must see for absolutely everyone.

The newly renovated old stable boasts an impressive 1600 m2 (17.222 ft2) floor, used for the show, a completely renovated soundsystem, the largest screen in Iceland – 40 m2 (430 ft2) and a new, top-of-the-line lighting system.

The show, Legends of Sleipnir, uses original music and video on the huge screen to weave together theater, history, Norse mythology and exhibition riding on the enormous stage, to exhibit how the Icelandic horse is completely unique, and how it has been an integral part of the Icelandic nation, history and culture.

The name Sleipnir refers to the mythological, eight-legged horse of Óðinn, hinting that the Icelandic horse is the true descendant of the ancient Nordic breed.


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