Glacier Lagoon Tour

See great sculptures of ice float in the deep blue waters. Jökulsárlón the glacial lake is a unique natural place not to be missed …

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Jökulsárlón the glacial lake is a unique natural place not to be missed on your journey in Iceland. Ice flows from a nearby glacier float in the lake and you have the option of seeing them close up on a boat trip.

Best is to leave Reykjavik early morning, this is a long day driving along the South coast. On your journey you will drive across the Mýrdalssandur floodplains and Eldhraun, the largest lavafield ever to flow on Earth in historical time, and to the small village Kirkjubaejarklaustur. From Klaustur, continue over Skeidarársandur, vast tracts of black sandy desert washed down by numerous torrential glacial rivers.

A Stop at the Skaftafell National Park is a must, see the interesting Visitors Center where you can learn the history of fire and ice in the region and a video of the volcanic eruption and the catastrophic flood in the area in 1996 can also be viewed.

Continue to Jökulsarlón, the Glacial Lagoon where huge icebergs, sculptures of nature, broken off the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier float and grind together in the deep blue waters of the lagoon.

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