Golden Circle & the Blue Lagoon

Tour details:

Operator: Green Energy Travel

Location: Suðurland

Duration: 1 Hour0

Difficulty: Very easy

Price from: ISK 17,900

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This tour will take you straight to all the interesting sights of south-west Iceland without any inconvenience and give you time to explore the natural wonders you encounter.

Start with the Golden Circle, Þingvellir National park, where you walk in the canyons, then continue onwards to Geysir hot springs and Gullfoss, the golden waterfall. Then carry on to the coast and cruise along the new road to Krísuvík geothermal area and view the bubbling mud springs on the way to the amazing wonders of the Blue lagoon, where you can bathe leisurely in the azure – blue waters.

We take the road less travelled to the Blue lagoon to ensure variety in your exploring. No more switching busses.

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