Into the Lava

Tour details:

Operator: Reykjavik Sightseeing

Duration: 1 Hour2 Hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Price from: ISK 31,990

Category: SKU: 4c40ecd4d386


Wander through an old volcanic lava tunnel with a flashlight to see some of the most spectacular rock sculptures earth has created. Experience the full size of the mighty cave Víðgelmir first hand, lead by our professional cave guide. Enter the cave using the aid of our all-new walkway.

At its end we leave the civilised cave world behind and venture on. Through boulder fields and rugged terrain we seek out the rarely seen depths of the cave. It’s a pristine environment frozen in time, so tread lightly.

Our Reykjavík Cave Adventure tour takes you for a full day of unforgettable views of the underworld. After your caving tour you can choose between a relaxing bath in the thermal swimming pool in Húsafell, or go with our professional guide for a sightseeing tour around the stunning Borgarfjörður area.

We will stop at Barnafossar waterfall in Western Iceland, which falls into Hvítá River in Borgarfjörður. Barnafossar burst out of Hallmundarhraun, a massive lava plain. Once there was a natural bridge over the waterfall. Two children from a nearby farm died crossing the river. Later, the mother had the bridge destroyed.

Close to Barnafossar we will see the Hraunfossar waterfalls in Borgarfjörður, western Iceland. They flow out of Hallmundarhraun, a lava field which flowed from an eruption from one of the volcanoes resting underneath Langjökull glacier. The waterfalls stream into Hvítá river. The Reykjavík Cave Master tour is the perfect tour to see all of Borgarfjörður area in one day.

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