Sea Angling

This fishing tour goes on the best fishing grounds Faxaflói Bay has to offer.

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The sea angling tour commences at our ticket office by the Ægisgarður pier in the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavik. There you can buy tickets or exchange a voucher for a prepaid trip. A guide will meet you on board the vessel, MaggiDan, which is docked at the floating pier in front of the Whale Watching Centre.

This tour is a must do for first timers and experienced fishermen alike. Just breathing in the fresh air, being out in the open ocean and catching your first fish of the day make this an experience you’ll never forget. We will take you to the best fishing grounds the bay offers, teach you all the best techniques while sharing our experience and personal insights.

On board you’ll get all the fishing equipment you need and a rain jacket to keep you dry.

The most commonly caught fish is catfish, cod, haddock, mackerel and pollack and of course what you catch, you can keep. At the end of the tour you can barbecue your catch on board, fresh and without any fuss, or take it to the MAR restaurant to enjoy a fully cooked meal.

Our sea angling tours are focused mainly on the southern part of Faxaflói, just off Reykjavík. These fishing grounds have attracted Icelandic fishermen for centuries and been an important source of nourishment for the locals. Our captains know the area better than any other and guarantee you a fantastic experience.

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