South Coast and Glacier Walk

Tour details:

Operator: Sterna Travel

Location: Suðurland

Duration: 1 Hour0

Difficulty: Easy

Price from: ISK 26,900

Category: SKU: a5085c5c0fe0


How about using the day to do some glacier walking and sightseeing?

Explore the South coast and the frozen world of Sólheimajökull; a glacier where you will see crevices, sink holes and ice ridges.

Training and all safety equipment needed is provided on site.


  • The beautiful and photogenic Skógafoss waterfall, situated at the cliffs of the former coastline.
  • Approx. 2 hour glacier walk on Sólheimajökull glacier.
  • The tour includes a English speaking glacier guide, helmet, crampons, ice axe and other safety equipment needed for the glacier walk.
  • Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall you can walk behind in mild weather.

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