Strandir in the West Fjords – Hiking

Tour details:

Operator: Extreme Iceland

Location: Vestfirðir

Difficulty: Very easy

Price from: ISK 79,900

Category: SKU: 69d65575dc22


Strandir is one of Iceland’s secrets – the peaceful fjords with magnificent mountains that catch your eyes. Sun reflecting on the sea and mysterious fog touches the mountain tops just to remind you of the magic in the air. Seals, birds, a single surprised sheep or a curious horse welcome you together with the very few remaining inhabitants of the tiny villages along the way.

We will go on short or long hikes in the footsteps of farmers who used to walk the heaths to get provisions or doctor’s help for their families, we visit deserted houses, go swimming in the great hot pool at Krossneslaug and maybe go fishing for supper. And if you need something, the local shop is open two hours a day.

A culinary experience is also awaiting you at the local restaurant.

Accommodation is in a small hotel just by the harbour.

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