The Reykjavík Nightlife

Get a taste of the wonder know as Reykjavík, as we explore its culture and get to know some of its secrets.

Location: Reykjavík

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This tour is designed to present to you the highlights of the nightlife scene of the Northern most capital in the world Reykjavik city. Your personal nightlife guide has the connections and will make sure you have a perfect night in Reykjavík. You will get the VIP treatment by passing the queues of all of the hottest clubs and parties happening the night you book with us.

The 12 best bars and pubs in Reykjavík
Obviously it depends on your taste in music and crowd what you think are the best bars and clubs. Here are some of the most popular places in town:

  1. B5 is very popular among the glossy VIP crowd. This is one of very few places in Reykjavík with a strict dresscode and 2 VIP lounges. Put on a suit or dress and heels and expect top of the charts music.
  2. Austur is very popular with the locals and has excellent VIP tables with a view over the dance floor. A good place to meet the locals. Mainly alternative and electro pop music.
  3. Kaffibarinn (KB for short) is by far the most known bar in Reykjavík, being heavily featured in the movie 101 Reykjavík and co-owned by Damon Albarn. This place is packed with people all the time (sometimes too packed). Frequented by musicians and ‘hipsters’. Mainly alternative and electro pop music.
  4. Faktorý is only a couple of years old but has established itself as a great venue for live music and great DJ’s and is constantly expanding in size (live bands upstairs, 2 rooms downstairs + a pool table – and soon a backyard) and putting up new and exciting things to do (such as a pool table played with footballs in their courtyard). And on Sunday nights their awesome houseband plays jazz with free entry. All kinds of music: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s nights, samba nights, electro, pop, reggae… you name it.
  5. Club Kiki is the newest gay club in town, located where many former gay bars have been, at Laugavegur 22. I haven’t been there yet but will be sure to check it out soon. Former gay clubs have played top of the charts pop as well as disco and other ‘gay’ music, I assume this one plays something along the same lines.
  6. Dolly is a fairly new club, with great music and packed with a dancing crowd of people.
  7. Ölstofa Kormáks og Skjaldar (‘Ölstofan’ for short) is great to sit down, have a beer and talk to your friends, normally there’s no music played or it is played at low volume.
  8. Nýlenduvöruverzlun Hemma og Valda (‘Hemmi and Valdi’ for short) is a tiny little bar, next to where the legendary Sirkús used to be. Although tiny in size, they somehow manage to fit in full bands or a couple of DJ’s and can get a small crowd of people dancing like their life depends on it. Variety of music genres and small bands (acoustic mainly).
  9. Prikið is dedicated to playing old school hip hop on most nights – and they serve great grub food in the daytime. The crowd is normally rather young.
  10. Bar 11 sometimes stays open a little later than other places (until 5:30-6am), playing rock music.
  11. Kex Hostel often puts on live music events and is a nice bar to sit down and enjoy good music and nice food (try the baconwrapped dates!). It is a hostel bar so it doesn’t stay open until late. Kex Hostel is located quite far from the main hub of bar activity in the city (5 minute walk) and on the way downtown it is good to make a stop at Dillon (rock bar) or Boston (a lounge bar with trendy décor but chilled atmosphere).
  12. The English Pub is a good all-round pub. They have a big wheel of fortune where you can win a meter worth of beer and there are often acoustic guitar players around. Good in the early evening or on weekdays, not so great for dancing.

From Sundays to Thursdays all the bars will close at 1am. That’s when the bars stop serving drinks but maybe they won’t be able to kick the last people out until close to 2am. But like in most countries, it’s the Friday and Saturday nights when the nightlife really kicks in. Although most of the bars are open all day, or from the afternoon – they don’t get busy until after midnight, more like 2am. And most of them close around 5am.

VIP entrance and priority in all of the hottest clubs and venues your guide will take you to.
Invitation to local parties.

Limousine transport to explore more clubs that have different themes located in the vicinity of Reykjavik city.
Northern light tour in our amazing Stretched hummer Limo with the ongoing party.

Duration 6 hours


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