03 – Thule Travel Northern Lights

One of the lowest Price of the season – 5.850 ISK

Price for children 12-15 years old: 2.925 ISK
Children under 12 years old are free of charge.
12 Bus Stop Pickup places in Reykjavík city center
Departures from August 26th to April 22nd when conditions are favorable


Northern Lights Tours
We begin our chase by departing from Reykjavík at a scheduled time and drive out of the city to escape the light pollution. Darkness and clear skies are essential conditions in order to see the Northern Lights and we use our experience as well as several weather forecasts to determine the best location each night. While we are searching for the lights, our knowledgeable guides will enlighten you on facts about the Northern Lights and tell you a few tales of their choosing. A decision is made daily at 17:00 hours as to whether the tour will take place or not. Please visit www.thuletravel.is, ask your hotel reception assistant, booking service or call us at ThuleTravel for more information. If Mother Nature does not deliver the Northern Lights you will be offered to take another tour with us, free of charge. It is however, important to rebook your new free tour as soon as possible which you can do by calling us or sending us an e-mail.

Terms & Conditions  
A decision is made daily at 17:00 hours about whether the tour will take place or not. All hotels and booking agents in Reykjavík are informed by e-mail if the prospects of seeing the lights are good in which case tour will take place. Please contact Thule Travel, the front desk at your hotel or your booking agent to make sure if Thule Travel will be operating the tour. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and seeing the lights can not be guaranteed even though the tour is operated, as this depends on the weather conditions. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel the tour at any time. The passengers will be dropped off as close to their accommodation location as possible, but the coach size and street access is also taken into consideration. Cancellations must have taken place 24 hours prior to departure and in such cases, you can either call us or send us an e-mail.

Included: Bus fare, English speaking guide and the use of cozy warm blankets, free WIFI & AC on the bus.


Group size: No limits on the number of persons in each group.

Essential: Dress extremely well, preferably in layers. Bring a warm hat, scarf, gloves and wear warm socks and insulated outdoor footwear.

Photoshoot: On our Northern Lights chase, we offer our guests the chance to have a photo taken of themselves with the Northern Lights in the background. We will post those photos to our Facebook page but they can also be sent to an e-mail address if you prefer.

12 Bus Stop Pickup places are in Reykjavík city center for this tour.

New arrangement for tourist bus/coach traffic in Reykjavík city center has taken place. For the year 2017 it is as follows:

Bus Stop 1 – Ráðhúsið (Reykjavík city hall)
Bus Stop 2 – Tjörnin (The Pond, Mæðragarðurinn)
Bus Stop 3 – Lækjargata
Bus Stop 4 – Tryggvagata
Bus Stop 5 – Harpa concert hall
Bus Stop 6 – Safnhúsið (The Culture Museum)
Bus Stop 7 – Traðarkot
Bus Stop 8 – Hallgrímskirkja
Bus Stop 9 – Snorrabraut
Bus Stop10 – Hlemmur
Bus Stop 11 – Austurbær
Bus Stop 12 – Höfðatorg on Þórunnartún

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