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11 – Glacier Lagoon Shuttle

See wild birds and seals and the great sculptures of nature float in the deep blue water of pricelessness.


Operator: Booking Office

Location: East

Duration: 12 Hours

Difficulty: Very easy

Other: 1 – 7 People

Price from: ISK 50,000

A Walk with a Viking

Tour details:

Operator: 1Fákasel

Location: Reykjavík

Duration: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Very easy

Price from: ISK 5,500

Airport – Blue Lagoon transfer

Start your Icelandic adventure by bathing in the famous Blue Lagoon.

Operator: Reykjavík Excursions

Location: Reykjanes

Duration: 4 Hours

Difficulty: Very easy

Price from: ISK 4,200

Airport Transfer Luxury

Upgrade your ride and travel in comfort and style. Your chauffeur will meet and greet you in your Ford Excursion at the Airport…

Operator: Luxury Travel

Location: Reykjavík

Duration: 1 Hour

Difficulty: Very easy

Other: Vehicle (seats 7)

Price from: ISK 33,353

Aldeyjarfoss Private Tour

Within the Highlands of Iceland the magnificent Aldeyjarfoss waterfall can be seen featuring an interesting contrast of black basalt columns and white cascading glacial water.

Location: North

Other: Vehicle