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Buggy Touring – Get Extreme in Iceland

Buggy cars are the hottest NEW way to get your blood pumping in the cold air of Icelandic nature. Our Buggy Extreme tour is about the biggest ATV buzz you can have in the incredible landscape just beyond Reykjavik.

Blame it on the Buggy – Iceland’s Newest Adventure

You can’t beat a buggy tour for excitement. These brand new, two-person ATVs give you a thrilling ride through rivers, roads and mountains that normal tours can’t reach. After 3 hours, you’ll want to go all over again, but don’t blame us – blame it on the buggy!

Buggy Extreme – 3 Hours of ATV Fun, Minutes From Reykjavik

We offer a range of buggy tour options. Buggy Extreme is what it sounds like – an intense 3-hour tour with extra oomph! That means gravel roads, muddy trails, old bridges and river crossings. In other words, about the most fun you can have on an ATV. Adrenaline guaranteed.

Your ATV Adventure Starts at Your Reykjavik Hotel

We can pick you up from your Reykjavik accommodation* and have you at our buggy basecamp in around 15 minutes. That’s where you’ll get to know your buggy, and our expert guides will give you all the safety instruction you need. Next stop…the trails.

Extreme Trails, Extreme Views – Extreme Iceland

Your Buggy Extreme tour takes you past the city mountain Esja, and into the varied landscape of Mosfellsdalur valley. That will be your stunning natural playground for the next few hours, as your test out your buggy surrounded by amazing scenery that only Iceland can offer.

Why we Love our Brand new Buggies

These two-seater, 4×4 buggies are fully automatic, fully inspected and road legal. They are also bursting with excellent safety and design features, such as the roll cage, safety belts and double A-arm front suspension. All of which makes for a buggy ride that’s as safe as it is comfortable. (And, for you petrol heads – they are powered by 800cc Rotax V-Twin engines). *We recommend customers to be two in a buggy, since you sit side by side. More fun!

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