Storys about Elves in Iceland and the Hidden people has always been loved by Icelanders and nearly everyone native native of Iceland know about the folklore. It seems like Icelanders have always loved a good elf story and storys about the Hidden people. Icelandic folklore is chock full of weird stories about elf encounters, and while some of them are pretty tame, others are quite creepy and bizarre. You can find these stories from Jón Árnason’s Icelandic Folktales.

We are going to put a new story in here every week.

One of the story is called „The child with mark on its face“. It goes like this: Onse up on a time one summer in Iceland for almost 300 years ago a little child was left alone at home. At this time it was the tradition to do when the grownups went out to work in the fields. The child was left alone with a silver cup to play with.

When the people returned from the fields the child had vanished. Everybody started looking everywhere for the child for some days but the child was nowhere to be found. Eventually they got a guy called „Latin-Bjarni“ to look for the kid. Couple of days later the guy returned with the child unharmed, but with a blue mark on its face, resembling a bruise.

When asked where the heck it was, the child stated that a good looking woman came and silently led it away to a door in one of the big rocks up in the mountains. There it was taken care of well, but when it refused to drink some milk, the good looking woman struck the child, leaving a blue mark on its cheek. The mark supposedly never disappeared.

Appearantly nobody ever questioned the child further or investigated that Latin dude who found the child or even the woman who looked suspiciously much like the mom. “Nah, it was probably just with the hidden people.”