Midnight Sun

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  • Supplier: Safari Quads
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Price from: 20400
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Experience Iceland’s (Almost) Everlasting Sunset Surrounded by raw Nature!

If you’re joining us in the months of June or July, prepare yourself for some awe-inspiring displays of nature. Just before midnight, Mother Nature lights the sky ablaze with supercharged colours of gold and orange that further intensify as dusk approaches. As the sun slips just beyond the horizon, the sky illuminates at midnight for a few magic moments before the sun rises again. Our Midnight Sun ATV Tour takes to you the highest mountain peaks of Reykjavík to watch this enchanting display first hand.

As Dusk Slowly Falls Over Reykjavík, Your Adventure is Soon to Begin

As you anxiously await your upcoming late-night expedition in the lobby of your hotel, your charming and occasionally humorous Safari Quads Guide will arrive! He will pick you up and take you to our Safari Quads Base Camp located only 15 minutes from downtown. You’ll say goodbye to the buzzing city of Reykjavík as you are engulfed in the wilderness and rugged landscape.

Escape the Norm, This Trip can Only be Found in Iceland

On arrival, your SQ Guide will give you a rundown on our safety rules, ATV operations and get you geared up! We welcome both ATV newbies and ATV enthusiasts on this tour. By this point, you’ll be tingling with excitement and looking cool in your ATV gear! You’ll hit the trails at roughly 10:00 PM for two hours to watch the sun’s mystical dance on the horizon from the seat of your ATV en route to the highest point of the trails to watch the main event.

Press on to the Peaks, Mother Nature is Waiting for You

From asphalt and gravel roads to mountain tracks, rocky paths to steep slopes, you’ll get the thrill of quad biking on a range of terrains. All the while you will be surrounded by stunning scenery as the sun slowly sneaks towards the land. Your destinations for viewing the midnight sun are two magnificient mountains: Hafrafell and Úlfarsfell. Each peak offers unbelievable views across the Reykjavik area and the Reykjanes Peninsula. The ultimate place for viewing the midnight sun in action! Your SQ Guide will give you time to relax on the peaks to quite literally watch the sun set and rise all in the span of a handful of minutes. From the peaks, you’ll head back down the mountain to conquer the rest of the trails including river crossings and off-roading at its finest. Get excited!

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