Quad Mad

For those who think they've done everything! Go mad in the mountains…

  • Supplier: Safari Quads
  • Location: Reykjavík
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Item detail: Adults (18+)
  • Price from: 26400
Category: SKU: 1073b27f4127


Quad Biking in Iceland – Go Mad in the Mountains

Cars and coaches are fine, but to really experience Icelandic nature you need more. Quad biking in Iceland puts you in the raw air of nature. You are in the driving seat, backed by incredible scenery, stunning views and pure adrenaline. It’s your chance to go wild in the mountains!

A Quad Bike Tour for Those who Want More

Most of our tours are perfect for beginners. Quad Mad tends to suit riders with a little bit of experience, and/or those who are in good shape. At 3 hours, this ATV adventure takes you on an action-tour of changing landscapes, river crossings and mountain views.

ATV Adventures 15 Minutes From Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a unique city, because raw nature is so close. That means we can get you from your hotel* to our quad biking base camp within 15 minutes. After safety and operating instructions, you’re ready to hit the trail.

Crazy Trails, Wild Views and ATV Mountain Madness

From base camp, our expert guides will show you the back-country trails of Mosfellsdallur valley. In the shadow of Esja (the Reykjavik mountain), you’ll test your quad bike out on a variety of terrains – asphalt, gravel, rocks and mud, river crossings and old bridges. From stunning valleys to steep slopes and mountain peaks.

Two Mountains Means Double the Fun – Quad Bike Style

You’ll take your quad bikes all the way – i.e. to the peaks of two stunning mountains: Hafrafjall and Úlfarsfjall. And if you thought the drive up was amazing, wait ‘til you see the views. Each mountain offers something special: from the whole Reykjavik area to the Reykjanes peninsula.

Safari Quads – Reykjavik ATV Tours That Suit Your Schedule

Just beyond Reykjavik lies a stunning and dramatic natural playground. Perfect for a half-day adventure, our ATV tours put you in the driving seat. Morning or afternoon, single activity or combined sightseeing tour – it’s up to you.

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