Twin Peaks

The ultimate mountain experience.

  • Supplier: Safari Quads
  • Location: Reykjavík
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Item detail: Adults (18+)
  • Price from: 20400
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Quad Biking That’s Twice the Fun

How do you improve a quad biking mountain adventure? Add another mountain! That means more ATV time, more terrains, and more breathtaking mountain views. One thing we’re not short of in Iceland is mountains…so if you want more, then double-up with this fantastic off-road quad bike tour.

Quad Biking in Iceland – Safe, Easy and Exciting

Most of our guests are beginners, so we know how to provide an experience that’s as safe as it is fun. Our quad bikes are fully automatic and super-easy to use. And our expert guides will make sure you have all the safety instruction you need.

Your Twin Peaks Quad Bike Adventure Starts Here

The beauty of Reykjavik is how close we are to nature. We can pick you up from your Reykjavik hotel* and have you at our base camp within 15 minutes – amazing! And once we’ve given you all the safety and driving instructions you’ll need, the mountain trails start calling.

Off-Road ATV Action

The Twin Peaks quad bike tour takes you off the beaten track. From asphalt and gravel roads to mountain tracks, rocky paths to steep slopes, you’ll get the thrill of quad biking on a range of terrains. And all surrounded by stunning scenery.

Mountain Views Only Iceland can Offer – Don’t Forget Your Camera!

Your destinations are two stunning mountains: Hafrafell and Úlfarsfell. First you have to get up them – a thrilling quad bike experience, as you take incredible mountain trails to the peaks. Your reward? Unbelievable views across the Reykjavik area and the Reykjanes peninsula. It really is twice as nice.
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