Wonders of the Westfjords

The Westfjords will give the word “remote” a new meaning.

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The Westfjords will give the word remote a new meaning.

Have you ever wanted to step inside your tv screen while watching a National Geographic show? This is your chance! The Westfjords are bursting with wildlife, the landscape is surreal and the best part is that no one seems to know.

Deep fjords, dramatic sea cliffs, secluded bays, pristine waterfalls and desolate islands will give the words remote, untouched and dramatic a new meaning. It’s a part of the world where nature has it’s own way of doing things and time seems to stand still.

This tour is for travelers that want to get off the beaten track, it’s for those who think they’ve seen it all but are ready to be proofed wrong.

Included in the tour is a packed lunch. Your pilot will choose a scenic location to stop for a picnic.


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