Puffins, ducks, seagulls and whimbrels are just a small fraction of the bird life found in Iceland. Go on smart puffin tours that set out of Reykjavik harbor or extensive bird watching tours across the country.

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Below the Mountains

Experience the special gait of the Icelandic horse, tölt, on this scenic tour that takes you through volcanic landscapes and close by a bird sanctuary.

Glacier Lagoon Shuttle

See wild birds and seals and the great sculptures of nature float in the deep blue water of the melted iceberg close up on a boat trip at the lagoon.


Glacier Lagoon Tour

Glacier Lagoon tour is a day tour of Iceland’s magical south coast that culminates in a boat ride on the beautiful Glacier Lagoon.

Soft River Banks

A challenging horseback riding tour in extraordinary environments with gorgeous wildlife around. This tour is for experienced riders…

The Beach Ride

Horseback riding on a black beach following the North Atlantic ocean and secluded trails where you can experience the smooth gait, tölt, of the Icelandic horse.

Whales & Viðey

After a nice whale watching tour, explore precious Viðey island that sits right off the shore of the capital.