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Northern Lights

….Thule Travel Northern Lights

One of the Best Price of the season – 5.850 ISK

Price for children 12-15 years old: 2.925 ISK
Children under 12 years old are free of charge.
Many Bus Stop Pickup places in Reykjavík city
Departures from August 26th to April 22nd when conditions are favorable

Price from: ISK 5,850

…South Coast Tour

Sightseeing in the impressive south of Iceland.

Operator: Thule Travel

Location: South

Duration: 6 Hours

Difficulty: Very easy

Other: Per person

Price from: ISK 12,850

..Glacier Lagoon Shuttle

See wild birds and seals and the great sculptures of nature float in the deep blue water of the melted iceberg close up on a boat trip at the lagoon.


Operator: Booking Office

Location: East

Duration: 16 Hours

Difficulty: Very easy

Other: 3 – 19 People

Price from: ISK 19,000

.Below the Mountains

Experience the special gait of the Icelandic horse, tölt, on this scenic tour that takes you through volcanic landscapes and close by a bird sanctuary.

Operator: Eldhestar

Location: South

Duration: 9 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Other: Adults (15+)

Price from: ISK 21,800