The Icelandic horse is a small and hardy breed. Known for its sure-footedness, the breed is comfortable to ride even in rough terrain. We offer a range of activities, from easy and short tours to day tours that are fun and for everyone in the family.

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.Below the Mountains

Experience the special gait of the Icelandic horse, tölt, on this scenic tour that takes you through volcanic landscapes and close by a bird sanctuary.

.Horses and Hot Springs

This colorful horseback riding tour goes through one of Iceland’s active geothermal areas featuring many pretty hot springs.

.Laxnes special

Try a ride on the Icelandic horse, a short distance away from Reykjavík. This trip is excellent for all those interested in trying the Icelandic horse…

.Soft River Banks

A challenging horseback riding tour in extraordinary environments with gorgeous wildlife around. This tour is for experienced riders…

.The Beach Ride

Horseback riding on a black beach following the North Atlantic ocean and secluded trails where you can experience the smooth gait, tölt, of the Icelandic horse.

.The Elfin Tour

Go on a sightseeing tour of the homes of the Elves of Iceland and experience excellent riding trails.